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Właśnie dostaliśmy nowy piękny materiał ; Papugi ! 😁😁😁 No to Wam cudne torby oraz worko-plecaki uszyję ✂️  

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Nearer and nearer….

Easter is fast approaching. So we have a lot of Easter Bunnies, Tulips and Wreaths for you. I wonder where I put the Easter Bunnies ? Where will I put a bouquet of tulips? Or maybe I will hang a wreath in the window?

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Hand made

How we passionately make our product for you

Oh how I heart Halloween and Carnival? I mean free candy and handmade costumes! What more could a girl and boy ask for? If you happen to have a baby bump that is probably the most exciting costume to craft up, and not to worry, I’ve got 29 genius DIY Halloween and Carnival costumes for y’all!   […]

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